As a Experienced makeup artist I’m working with multiple brides every weekend. I've been to so many and seen so many different attitudes.
My experience made me realize who will enjoy their day and who is in for a bad wedding experience just based off the start of day.

I've seen happy brides, bored brides and bridezillas and unfortunately most of the time the blame is on the bride without knowing and realizing it’s on them.

I wrote this blog as a useful guide for soon to be brides looking to have a memorable, fun and relaxing wedding day. After all you did just spend the previous months stressing and planning, its time to enjoy it and relax.

Do’s & Don’t’s 24 hours before the wedding.

  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is essential for many reasons. Dry cracked lips can ruin even the best makeup work. Not only that but You’ll feel better and your skin will look much more alive.

  • Stay away from toxic foods that may make you break out. Some foods have an effect on our skin. Coffee, chocolate, cheese and for others it can be anything. Try eating more fresh fruits and veggies. 

  • Prepare Your Hair. Make sure you consult your hairstylist about how they want your hair. Some like it freshly washed and towel dried, others want it dry and a day old. This depends on your hair style. Be sure to find out how the stylist wants your hair. It will take a lot of stress out of the day for you and your stylist. 

  • PLEASE, PLEASE & PLEASE don’t try anything new! If you haven’t done it before don’t do it 24 hours before your wedding. That includes spray tans, waxing, facials… and anything else you can think of that can give you a reaction. 

6 Steps To A Stress Free Bride

#1. Be Prepared. Get the morning ready for a fun pre-party. Have appetizers, coffee, juice, wine or mimosas ready. This doesn't have to be done all by you, delegate responsibilities with your bridesmaids and family. A hungry bride and bridal party get cranky and then have to worry about whose going to get food and then they are running late. So be sure to have everything ready before hand.

#2. Create a positive Atmosphere. MUSIC is a must. It gets really boring, quiet and serious without it and a simple favorite song can get the day going and create a positive, stress free vibe.
In my makeup studio I always have music playing for my clients. It lightens the mood.

#3. Be Ready and Prepared for getting pampered. I’ve seen brides & bridesmaids with full blown makeup sit in my chair. This makeup is usually from the night before and sometimes from that morning. I understand not wanting to wonder around bare faced but at least be washed up before makeup and stay away from too much heavy makeup. Rubbing the eyes can get them swollen, irritated and possibly give you a reaction to the fresh makeup.
     * If you must, DO put a light coverage of foundation on and some blush and lip gloss. These are easy to wash off and will give you a bridal glow so you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed. 

#4. Let go of expectations. No one knows what your thinking or expecting and the more consumed you get into your expectations the worse your day will progress. Having a planned outline and everything so intensely thought out will only make you stress. WHY? Well, no ones plans ever work out so just let the day happen. The less you expect the happier you will be.

#5. Worry About Yourself. After all this day is about you. It may seem harsh but stop looking over your shoulder at what everyone else is doing. Don’t worry if their makeup or hair is done. I’ve had too many distracted brides in my chair. Be in the moment, be present and remember its your day.  If you have to have a meeting or discussion with the bridesmaids before hand about taking care of themselves then do so but once the wedding day comes just worry about yourself.

#6. Stop Stressing! 90% of my brides are late and chances are you will be running behind on schedule. Stop worrying about the vendors (Photographers, makeup artist, priests, guest…etc) we are all aware of the bride running late and almost expect it. When it all comes down to it you can’t miss your own wedding. YOU ARE THE ATTRACTION OF THE EVENT. 

Just remember to have fun. You put too much time and money into this day to let it get ruined by simple and preventable reasons. Remembered the reason of the day and know that the weather and other peoples actions are out of your hands.  Take what comes to you positively and you will have the best wedding you can ask for. 

♥ Stay Beautiful ♥
Florina (Makeup Artist)



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