3 3/4 pounds and is about 16.7 inches long

So I noticed she dropped and I guess others are noticing as well. Not sure if this is an early indication of she’s right around the corner and ready to pop. My research lead me to no conclusion. Some women said yes some said no.

Okay so things are getting a bit tougher now. Moving is getting harder. Forget twisting in bed, were I lay is where I remain all night. She is moving constantly and now its become really hard stabs to my rib cage or right side to the point where I may squirm which can be embarrassing in public.
Last week I think for the first time I had gas that was stuck and it was on my right side bottom abdomen. This pain was excruciating. I couldn’t stand straight or walk because I would feel a consistent sharp pain. It lasted for 2 day’s. I started to worry but I had no other symptoms they said to watch out for.


I have finally entered my 30 week mark. I’ve been excited about that since I feel it makes it more real and the time is nearing for me to see this beautiful little girl.

I’m excited but also tired. Simple tasks I did so effortlessly before are getting difficult… Getting up, lifting things, tying my shoes, even putting my pants on is a chore lol…

Another thing I’ve noticed I get dizzy a couple times a day. They say its normal but I really don’t like it so I took it into my hands to try and eat a whole lot of different things so that I make sure my body is lacking anything it needs. Protein, Dairy (for the calcium) fruits and veggies, Beans and sugar (yes believe it or not too low on sugar actually makes me weak but of course don’t over do it)