This Baby Bump Video is a little different...

I wanted to do a little video on my leg workout routine. I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant. To be honest I did go down in weights more and more as I progressed into the pregnancy. I like to keep it safe and feel comfortable so these workouts are meant to maintain what I have, I’m not doing them to build muscle. I’ll leave the goal setting for after the baby arrives.

I was asked about my pregnancy workout routine so here it is, btw ill have my back and arms up shortly as well this is only my current leg routine. ( I say current bc you should be changing it up, less weight more reps or less reps more weight) 


Baby is getting pretty big and it seems she’s running out of space. I also feel a lot of pressure and lately she has been hitting my hip bones. I cant say for sure that’s a sign of her coming but it sure is uncomfortable.


I feel great besides the whole can’t move very well and I’m out of breath just by taking a shower, applying lotion or even dressing myself.
I’m getting a lot of creamy discharge which scares me at times because it comes out in bursts and I’m like “OMG did my water just break” lol…