I'm feeling Great, no new symptoms.
I'm also showing much more now and feeling a lot of baby movement ♥

YAYYYYY!!! After a couple tries we recently found out the sex of the baby. The baby wouldn't turn over so we couldn't see past the tummy. The last place we tried was a 4D Gender Check in Arlington Heights and the experience was wonderful and worth the $$. 
Yolanda was the lady doing the ultra sound for us and compared to the hospital ultra sound and her ultrasound the experience was completely different. She was so warm and caring. I would recommend going to a place like that (keep in mind they are not a medical field and cant diagnose anything, they cant even tell you how far along you are just the gender check).
I do plan on going again when I'm a bit bigger :)

My Doctor Visit Experience 

I had my doctors appointment on Thursday and This was the second appointment with a different doctor. 
Now  A couple things upset me about this appointment and I don't know if you can relate but I was really upset when I left the doctors office.
First off the doctors always seem so cold. Almost in human. My First visit to confirm pregnancy the doctor broke me the news of being pregnant like I had a disease. This was very hurtful.
But, back to this recent appointment. So it was for a pap smear and a couple tests. 
First they tell me to completely undress and put on a sheet so I do that and the doctor comes in and is just so disconnected and very unthoughtful. She sets up the foot contraption and tells me to put my feet up for the test so I ask her would you like me to do that right now? She says yes so As im about to do it she opens the door and leaves, leaving it open. I'm facing the door so of course anyone walking by could get a full on view. So Normally I put my feet back down. She comes back in and says in a snotty why I told you you can put your feet up???? Kinda like she was annoyed.
So we move on. She goes ahead with the breast examination and I've had them before but not in this way. She completely removes the gown so i'm exposed with normally I wouldn't care but since I've had them before I know its not the way they do it. 
Now we move on, She doesn't tell me what she's up to but gels my stomach. This is my first child mind you so i'm new to these tests. 
Then we begin to listen to the babies heart. She doesn't tell me we are doing that but I figure it on my own and ask just because i'm in shock and in aw of whats happening. I ask her that's the Baby heart and she corrects me with yes that's the Fetuses heart. Talk about cold! And we stop listening almost instantly. 
Next she blurts out that oh you must be 14 weeks and this annoyed me because I do understand I'm small but you cant just predict without an ultrasound just because I look small. For some reason this annoyed me most. m
The pep smear was just as bad, no warning as to what she was dong and on top of which she wasn't prepared when she started leaving me in uncomfortable situations a couple times. I don't want to go into detail but lets just say before you start make sure you have all your tools.
Lastly she tells me to dress and sends me on my way to get my blood drawn for a couple tests. This part was just a mess.. The nurse drawing my blood begins to do her thing. I of course refuse to look and after sometime I think "okay its safe to look she should be wrapping up soon" Unfortunately I look and there is blood all over my arm, chair and floor and not 1 vial was filled. She then tells me I think I'm going to go ask for help. In my option she should have done that a long time ago. The 2nd nurse does end up drawing the blood just fine (of course from my other arm). I hate needles but I manage just fine....
In conclusion, this is one of the many reasons I'll be doing a home birth and I'll get into that a little deeper in the next video.




02/25/2014 1:53pm

Wow! Sorry about your bad experience with your doctors... It sucks when you meet very uncaring ones. I've had 3 babies and my doctors have been the most caring people... Unfortunately, my first doc retired months after delivery, and my second one moved away :( I honestly salute you for going the most natural way when delivering a baby. I've always gone to the hospital for all deliveries. 1st one with epidural, 2nd one w/out and 3rd induced... I will comment that I LOVE the epidural, but in a secret way, loved my natural delivery (months after of course, not at the moment). It's the most beautiful experience, painful (at the moment only) but unforgettable forever... Good luck!!! Keep up the great work! You're an inspiration for us women! Can't wait to meet her!

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