I’m feeling Heavy and it’s a bit harder to move around. If I lay down and get up I find myself having to just sit there for a while and let my body slowly adapt to the change.
Bending down and sitting are sometimes uncomfortable I have to make sure if I’m sitting I’m at an angel rather then straight up.

This is because she sits really low even though she looks like she is sitting high. She kicks me really low. There are some workouts I can do even though they are supposed to be pregnancy safe like lunges because of how low she sits.  That’s why it’s important to listen to your body.


The baby is 11 inches and almost 1 pound. your baby is starting to look like a miniature newborn. No more alien welcome human.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Sometimes when I roll over I feel this ripping sensation in my abdomen. Is this normal?
A. round ligament pain - the shooting pain in the lower abdomen that many women experience when they change position suddenly. It is caused by the sudden stretching of the ligaments and muscles that support the expanding uterus. It can also happen if you cough hard or sneeze.

Q. What kind of skin changes can I expect to experience during pregnancy?
A. You begin to see more Freckles & moles. You get dark spots like the inside of your thighs, armpits, eye areas and even your nipples may darken. A dark line that separates your abdominal muscles and runs down the center of your stomach makes its appearance around week 14 and sometimes a little later; it is very common in most pregnant women. This line along with the areola usually remains dark for a while but will fade with time eventually.

Now that I’m in my 22nd weeks (5 months) it’s very crucial to moisturize. If you weren’t doing it before start now your tummy is growing weekly and it’s that fast growth that can give you stretch marks.

Q. Too much of dizziness lately - is this a normal part of pregnancy?
A. Yes this is very normal but don’t worry it will pass soon and so fast that you’ll soon even forget you had it. I forgot till I was asked.
You feel faint when your brain is not able to get enough blood supply. Skipping a single meal will cause your blood sugar level to drop and this will cause you to feel weak and light-headed.
Occasionally you may feel dizzy spells and your head spinning. This is because your cardiovascular and nervous systems are not able to match up with the changes taking place in your body during pregnancy.
If you feel any sides of dizziness sit down even if you have to on the floor till you calm down. Usually you can fix this by eating something.

♥ Stay Beautiful ♥
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