I just started my Week 23 and I officially entered 6 months! 
I just cant believe how fast time has passed. It feels like just yesterday that I was wondering when my belly would just start growing. Now I'm 3 short months away from seeing our little girl.


1. I believe birth to be natural thing, its not a disease or an illness therefore I believe medical intervention is unnecessary unless there are complications and by complications I mean real complications not the make belief ones the doctors come up with. 

2. I like the idea of being in the comfort of my own home. Eating and drinking when I please and even napping in my own bed if I need it.
When you give birth in a hospital they don't let you eat or drink anything for hours because it could conflict with the medicine. So your starving and even thirsty and they wont give you anything. 

3. Most importantly I dont want anyone taking my baby away! The first 15 mins after labor are so important for you and the baby to be connecting. Skin to skin preferably. Imagine you've been carring this baby with you for the last 9 months and the minute it comes out they want to take them from you and put them in a nursery rather then just allowing you to enjoy the moment and connect with your baby. 

1. There are more C-sections done today then there have ever been and Unfortunately they are not medically related. The doctors will tell you they are but that's just because its more convenient for them to cut you up and have a 30 min surgery rather then be in hours of labor.
2. Most births are done on Fridays... How convenient, doctors don't want to be bothered on the weekends so they schedule to induce labor and even do c-sections. This point takes me to the fact that they don't allow your baby to cook for the appropriate amount of time and that could hurt your child ability to fight sickness, finish building their brain and even possibly hold them back in life. 

3. The birthing position in hospitals is incorrect. Laying on your back is trying to fight gravity. The proper, fastest and easiest way to give labor is in a squatting position. 

I hope you enjoyed this video, Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Don't forget to give it a thumbs up :)

♥ Stay Beautiful ♥
Florina (Makeup Artist)


03/18/2014 9:17am

Wow I didn't know a lot of these things, I'm definitely going to watch the movie and thank you for the video's they are so great! :)

05/12/2017 12:14pm

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03/18/2014 10:00am

Great information! Where do you find a midwife and do they accept insurance?

Florina (Makeup Artist)
03/18/2014 2:26pm

You can Google them. My midwife is located in Gurnee, Her name is Debbie Boubher and her website is http://yourbirth.com/staff/debbie-boucher/
A couple other names I've been given but where booked is Sarah Simmons & Genisis Family Midwifery I cant remember the others but these two I really had my heart set on.
They do take insurance and they will let you know how much is covered or if all is covered. They all do free group consultations where you can ask all your questions. Hope this helps :)

03/18/2014 12:15pm

I am from Holland - 8 out of 10 births will be done at home. Giving birth is not an illness. So unless there is a medical reason, there isn't really any reason to take up a hospital bed. IF(!) anything should go wrong you're one ambulance ride away.
I loved just being in the comfort of my own bedroom! I was so much more relaxed than I would have been in a sterile hospital room.
I love watching your baby bump pictures, my sister in law is 23 weeks with Her first too. I wish you a flawless-piece-of-cake birth x

Florina (Makeup Artist)
03/18/2014 2:29pm

That's great to hear. I hope to spread the word because I feel through the years we have lost what it is to give birth because of lack of knowledge & information. I don't blame the girls today because most don't know and I was also one of those girls till about a year and a half ago. I was so miss informed but i'm grateful to know now and be able to make my own decision. Thank you for your comment I hope it inspires other women as well :)
I hope your sister has a easy and beautiful pregnancy as well.

03/18/2014 2:54pm

It's always fun and interesting to hear and read new info, specially when this info is coming from other moms... I have 3 beautiful healthy kids... All hospital delivered, were never taken from me when born... Got to clean them myself... Of course i'm talking about natural births... My first son... I was in labour for 8 hours before i decided to get ANY medication.. He just wouldn't come out and fluid was getting low... My daughter was all natural... Painful but memorable... My baby was induced and I got to pick the day and time... I guess it varies by hospitals anout only Fridays... Mine was born on a Tuesday morning at 9 b/c hubby and I wanted to have a nice breakfast before going in. I admire the courage of those moms who do home labour... Wow i bow to you. Anyways... Florina... You are a strong smart amazing woman and I can't wait to meet your daughter... Hope with all my heart your experience is as memorable as mine have been... Being a mom is a blessing <3 keep posting love reading your blogs!!!

Florina (Makeup Artist)
03/18/2014 5:32pm

Hi Damaris,

I understand complications and this is only my view on birth.
What everyone else does is completely up to them. For some the hospital gives them comfort and its the other way around for others. Birth can still be beautiful in a hospital but I've heard too many horror stories and in their cases I would say the hospital didn't work out for them and took away something that could have been so beautiful. In the end its about doing what you feel is right and what makes you happy. :)

03/18/2014 3:32pm

Did you watch the rainbow baby YouTube video!!!!! I also left you a message weeks ago!

Florina ( Makeup Artist)
03/18/2014 5:29pm

Yes I have seen that one and I love it, it was beautiful :)
If I may ask where did you message me, On Facebook or here on my Website?

03/18/2014 11:25pm

You are beautiful, Flori and very brave mom-to be. I love your out-fits. WOW.....I can't wait to hear about your home-labor-delivery......I'm sure you'll post a video(maybe) and lots of pictures for sure. I'm very thankful for my hospital experience(Elmhurst hospital). I can't imagine going to labor or delivery at home...no way! Even with a mid-wife...Between labor pain I couldn't even walk or talk...I didn't need food or water....Everything I read or heard about labor, delivery....was different....Every pregnancy is different.... Good luck and I can't wait to learn from your experience.....you are the only mom I know who would LOVE to do this.Who knows...maybe for the second kid I'll try too......but thinking better....I don't think I can do it. Only thinking at it, I start shaking, panicking....I still think the hospital it's a better place...just in case.....you know....

03/19/2014 11:02am

On Facebook!

06/15/2016 3:10pm

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05/08/2017 11:42am

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