Week 24:
Big changes this last week.
1. Sleeping has become much harder, I find sleeping with a body pillow that supports the belly is very helpful. 
2. My stomach seems to be growing weekly. REALLY.

The baby can hear loud noises now so it's a great time to start playing comfort music for the baby. They say that if you play a certain song to them when they come out of the womb they remember that song which brings them comfort. 
Also by now, the face is almost fully formed, complete with eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair.
She weighs 1.5 pounds and is almost a foot long.

What I wish I Knew Sooner:

As you all know this pregnancy was planned and even with all the research I did before hand I missed a couple things that my midwife told me about and I just wish I had known sooner. 

Vitamin D3 
1. Reduce Premature Birth Risks 
2. Infections especially vaginal infections
3. High blood pressure, & 
4. Gestational diabetes

Women who took Vitamin D3 had the lowest rate of pregnancy-related complications.

Fish Oil 
1. Developments the babies brain 
2. Improves the functioning of the placenta
3. Helps with vision 

Kegel Exercises 
If you read online about pregnancy they will tell you to do kegel exercises so of course I did them. Thankfully I did horrible at remembering to do them because my midwife told you shouldn't especially if its your first child. Our muscles will get too strong and delivering the baby may be even harder. Kegel exercises are great after birth to regain muscle but don't do them before. 

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♥ Stay Beautiful ♥
Florina (Makeup Artist)


03/25/2014 4:09pm

Can you take fish oil and vitamin D3 with prenatal vitamins?

Florina (Makeup Artist)
03/26/2014 6:57pm

Yes you can. My Midwife recommends it highly. :)


You totally go girl! Prove to the world that pregnancy is not something people should be afraid about! The issue with pregnancy is mostly about the big tummy, people think that it is shameful to have something like that. That is just a societal concept! I think that you can still be sexy and be proud of your body, while being pregnant. I think that more mommies out there should think so as well. That is why, I totally love you! Keep on invigorating all the mommies out there!

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