She now weighs two full pounds, She can hear fully and now reacts to light, noise and pain. They also say she can cry now. 

This is the last week of the 2nd trimester so next week I'll be entering my 7 months and 3rd trimester. 
I'm feeling the extra weight now, my lower back is starting to bother me and sleeping is much more difficult. I wake up sore and its hard to move. I almost always wake up with back pain which subsides as I get moving. 
My rib cage hurts and feels bruised and so do my sides.
They say that stretchmarks start around this time so be extra careful about applying your coco butter as well as not over eating in one sitting. I find it to be really uncomfortable if I eat too much in one sitting. 

3 Exercises To Get You Ready For Labor

A couple pregnancy workouts to help with back pain, posture and birth for those having a natural birth. 

Taylor Sitting: This one is more of a posture exercise. 
The idea is to get your knees as close to the floor as possible which is done through time, don't stress them. 
Sit like this through movies, folding laundry, reading...etc

Pelvic Rocks: This exercise straightens your lower back muscles as well as helps with lower back pain. I also found it helps move the baby into a more comfortable position. If she is sitting low or awkward and it feels uncomfortable doing this will move her into a more comfortable position. 
Do 40 of them everyday. It will get your back strong and help during labor. 
This is also good for taking that extra pressure off some of the main blood vessels leading down to your legs. So if your prone to spider veins this exercise will benefit you. 

Squatting: This is not like gym squats. This exercise gets you ready for natural birth by preparing your legs muscles for birth as well as stretching your perineum making it more flexible. It's an exercise you'll appreciate when your baby's head emerges.

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