I have finally entered my 30 week mark. I’ve been excited about that since I feel it makes it more real and the time is nearing for me to see this beautiful little girl.

I’m excited but also tired. Simple tasks I did so effortlessly before are getting difficult… Getting up, lifting things, tying my shoes, even putting my pants on is a chore lol…

Another thing I’ve noticed I get dizzy a couple times a day. They say its normal but I really don’t like it so I took it into my hands to try and eat a whole lot of different things so that I make sure my body is lacking anything it needs. Protein, Dairy (for the calcium) fruits and veggies, Beans and sugar (yes believe it or not too low on sugar actually makes me weak but of course don’t over do it)


The baby is now about 3 pounds or a little over and she will be gaining half a pound a week.
Since see is going on a growth sper this last trimester its even more important to make sure you have plenty of protein, vitamins C, folic acid, and iron.

Going In For My Rhogam Shot!
So some of you may already know but I have a rare blood type B-. As much as it seems to not be a good thing it actually is. What B- blood does is it recognizes a foreign object or something that’s just doesn’t seem right with the body and fights it off. In this cause If my blood mixes with the baby at any time even during labor and my baby is a positive blood type my B- blood will build an immune against the pregnancy making it difficult to have a second baby. The B- blood will mistaken the baby as a foreign object and try get rid of it. So to sum it up this baby is perfectly safe but without this shot there is a chance of future pregnancy’s to have complications. This shot will prevent a negative effect if our blood does indeed mix. Of course there is the chance that the baby is also a negative like me and in this case it wouldn’t even matter.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Baby Bump Tuesday video. Feel free to comment and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up!

♥ Stay Beautiful ♥
Florina (Makeup Artist)



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