3 3/4 pounds and is about 16.7 inches long

So I noticed she dropped and I guess others are noticing as well. Not sure if this is an early indication of she’s right around the corner and ready to pop. My research lead me to no conclusion. Some women said yes some said no.

Okay so things are getting a bit tougher now. Moving is getting harder. Forget twisting in bed, were I lay is where I remain all night. She is moving constantly and now its become really hard stabs to my rib cage or right side to the point where I may squirm which can be embarrassing in public.
Last week I think for the first time I had gas that was stuck and it was on my right side bottom abdomen. This pain was excruciating. I couldn’t stand straight or walk because I would feel a consistent sharp pain. It lasted for 2 day’s. I started to worry but I had no other symptoms they said to watch out for.

I have a couple new buys this week that have excited me so I figured I’d share.

Purse: Now I’m not one of those people that feel since im having a baby then its a baby bag that I need. I like to break rules and do what I want so my baby bag looks a bit different then most typical moms. I don’t like feeling like I need to buy a specific thing just because everyone else does it. If it works, it works. And being super cute is also a plus.
If you like it I bought it from target and they had 2 other designs, One was polka dot and I really can remember the other one It was $40

Diapers: I’m doing cloth diapers because they save money in the long run and are 10 times much cuter then a regular diaper. These are just basic solid colors but I have design diapers also coming in. I figured I needed solids for when she has a busy dress and more designs for when she has a solid dress. I bought these 10 and 10 more are on the way. 
I’m not really sure how many more I’ll need but for now I think it should be fine. 
What I love about them is that you can adjust them to any size S, M or L so One size fits all. It works for about 6.5-33 pounds 

Birth Outside The Box

This is an online class, You can do it online or you can have it printed so you can do the class at your own convince. 
I highly recommend this book to new moms even current moms expecting. This book has really great points that open your eyes to birth and take the fear out of labor. We have been taught to perceive labor as such a horrendous and painful thing and this book helps you change your view and settle a lot of nerves. 
Since my labor is going to be a natural water home birth this book helps teach me relaxation tips and exercises for when the time comes.

♥ Stay Beautiful ♥
Florina (Makeup Artist)


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