Baby is getting pretty big and it seems she’s running out of space. I also feel a lot of pressure and lately she has been hitting my hip bones. I cant say for sure that’s a sign of her coming but it sure is uncomfortable.


I feel great besides the whole can’t move very well and I’m out of breath just by taking a shower, applying lotion or even dressing myself.
I’m getting a lot of creamy discharge which scares me at times because it comes out in bursts and I’m like “OMG did my water just break” lol… 

Preventing Stretch Marks

I covered this topic in an early video before my tummy was growing and I didn’t specify too much just that I believed you could prevent stretch marks. I’m 8 months now and I can proudly say I’m stretch mark free so my beliefs where correct.
If you want to prevent stretch marks here are a couple things you need to do….

Stretch marks happen for 2 reasons. The skin is stretching too fast in a short amount of time and secondly you are dry (Skin is lacking in elasticity)

#1. Drink Plenty of Water: Not only is water healthy during pregnancy and a must but it plays a big part in the skins elasticity and moisture. Most of the time when brides I work with have dry lips I always recommend more water and it fixed chapped lips FAST! Which proves how important it is for our bodies and preventing stretch marks.

#2.  Coco Butter Like CRAZY! I don’t care I coco buttered myself all the time even before I was showing. Its prevention that matters most and building a habit out of it. Don’t start once you’re already big. Start as soon as possible. I use 2. The one in the jar is greasy and thick so I use that one where I need it most like thighs, butt and tummy.

#3. Don’t gain too much weight! This is an important one. When you gain lots of weight during your pregnancy the weight gain is fast so stretching will come with it. Prevent gaining too much weight and you can prevent stretch marks. Our stomachs are meant to be able to expand and go back down but only to a curtain degree and its best not to test it.

#4. Don’t Scratch!
Scratching dries the skin, irritates it and cracks it. It’s the perfect welcome to that stretch mark. If you feel itchy apply lotion asap. If you still feel itchy it can be your shirt. Some of my shirts made me itchy and once I would change I no longer fell it anymore. Your tummy gets more sensitive as it expands so wearing soft clothes does really help.

#5.  Watch what you eat!
Eat watery fruits and vegetables. Eating vegetables that contain a lot of water is another great way to hydrate your self. Eat a big salads filled with cucumbers, fresh bell peppers, and celery. Choose watermelon, strawberries, honeydew, and other watery fruits instead of eating baked desserts. This will not only hydrate your body and give you the vitamins and nutrients you need but it will give you energy and prevent too much weight gain.

♥ Stay Beautiful ♥
Florina (Makeup Artist)


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