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I wanted to do a little video on my leg workout routine. I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant. To be honest I did go down in weights more and more as I progressed into the pregnancy. I like to keep it safe and feel comfortable so these workouts are meant to maintain what I have, I’m not doing them to build muscle. I’ll leave the goal setting for after the baby arrives.

I was asked about my pregnancy workout routine so here it is, btw ill have my back and arms up shortly as well this is only my current leg routine. ( I say current bc you should be changing it up, less weight more reps or less reps more weight) 

Workout Routine
Keep in mind you can switch up in what order you do these workouts to challenge your body. Also if your a beginner you can start with no weights and less reps. Dont get sore! You wont be able to work out for a couple days and that wont help you get or stay in shape.

#1. I like to start off with some cardio!
I do 10-13 minutes just as a warm up and to get the sweat flowing. You should always do some cardio if you plan on weight training so you can warm up your body. Once I finish my cardio I make sure to stretch.

#2. SQUATS. My Favorite Workout! Mind you they are not very heavy. I'm holding (2) 15lb dumbells. 
I do 3 sets of 25. 

#3. Sumo Squats! I now take a 35lb dumbbell and set it on the floor upright in front of me. Now squat down and pick up that weight and do 3 sets of 20 reps.

#4. Leg Extensions With Weight! This can totally be done without weights, I actually recommend beginners to do it without weights because it is challenging. I know this machine is typically not used this way but you have to accommodate the tummy. I set the foot bar to 4. Lift what feels comfortable, if it doesn't feel comfortable do less weight and if you still feel strange don't use weight and gain the strength first.

#5. Leg Presses! I love this workout and you feel the burn almost instantly. I do 3 sets of 15-20 reps. make sure your knees don't hurt when doing these. You can damage your knees if your seat is not set up right. Make sure your not too far back or to forward. Your motion should feel comfortable. If you feel a pull in your knees it can be too much weight or your machine setting are not set up right. Play with it. My set is set to 7 (i'm tall though 5'9) and my foot bar is set to 1.

#6. Leg Raises. Now this one is not the way you would use this machine typically but since I cant lay on my belly the hubby showed me how to use this one for my benefit. I don't do a lot of weight just 25lb for now. (especially since I really haven't worked it out during the pregnancy because I couldn't lay on my tummy) I do 3 sets about 8-10 reps. 

#7. Calf Raises. These are pretty basic and can be done with or without the machine. I also like to hold 2 dumbbells in my hands when doing these. Don't neglect those calf's they can be the hardest muscle to grow but the easiest to forget about. I currently am not proud of my calves but i'm hoping to achieve my goal with them after the baby. 

Hope you enjoy this video and you find it helpful! Please give it a thumbs up :) 

♥ Stay Beautiful ♥
Florina (Makeup Artist)


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