Here's a look on a Dramatically Dark Smokey Eye. It actually looks darker in person but on camera it dulls out a bit. 

A couple things to remember before doing a dark look is fallout. Fallout is when access eye shadows falls on your cheeks while doing your eyes. When working with black the fallout can be quite messy.

A couple things you can do to prevent or limit it...
  1. Make sure to tap your brush to get access shadow off.
  2. Apply your foundation after you do your eyes so you can just clean up all the fallout right after doing your eye.
  3. Apply a generous amount loose powder under your eyes to prevent the fall out from sticking onto your skin and just brush it of with a soft fluffy brush.



06/12/2016 11:17pm

Wow the dark Smokey eyes are really nice and ladies are going to different salon before going to party. As the saying goes “not all that glitters is gold. The same thing happens in the world of fashion.

12/20/2017 7:45am

When I was in my teens, I was so into the whole emo phase. I would often dress up with my clothes looking as dark as possible, I even put on a lot of eyeliner. Seeing this, made me reminisce and remember all the good memories. If only I had found this a lot sooner, maybe I could have rocked the emo look a little bit better. I would definitely try doing what you did and just act like I was back in the day.


I just don't appreciate your blog post. However, I will recommend this to my girlfriend. She is really into makeup. We always buy heir beauty products almost every month. I think this style specifically the "Dark Smokey Eyes" is perfectly suitable for her. This will enhance more her beauty and make her more fierce. I suggest that you mention the things or the specific products that you've used in doing this dark smokey eyes of yours. In that sense, your readers would find it and apply what have you suggested. Thanks for sharing your blog post.

02/17/2017 9:18am

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11/19/2017 7:36am

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12/15/2017 7:22am

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01/03/2018 9:52am

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