The Cat Eye, Also known as the winged liner is by far my favorite look.
It opens up my eyes and draws attention to them.
This look is my go to look because it stays looking fresh all day and wont make me look tired like most other styles of makeup do after a couple hours. 

This video shows you 2 ways to master the cat eye. Its a good idea to try both ways and see what works best for you. 



07/23/2015 1:28am

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09/04/2015 6:52pm

First of all thank you for the tutorial, I know every lady out there would learn another worthy eye-lining making tutorial. I noticed, Cat- eye winged liner has its own stroke, and application, obviously, it's not that easy! But looking at the actual outcome, I can say, it's worth the time and effort making your eyes more attractive. I'll definitely try this one of these days!

05/16/2016 9:01pm

Eye make up is very important for our beauty . many girls use eye make like cat eyes because this make up enhanced the beauty of eyes.

02/04/2017 1:32pm

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08/16/2017 12:21pm

I will show this post to my wife. She might use your tips in the future. Thanks a lot!

08/28/2017 4:39am

The Cat Eye, Also known as the winged liner is by a long shot my most loved look. It opens up my eyes and attracts regard for them. This look is my go to look since it remains looking new throughout the day and wont influence me to look worn out like most different styles of cosmetics do following a few hours.

09/07/2017 10:21am

Thank you for the tutorial! My first time is not very good but this tutorial is very helpful for me!!

12/06/2017 7:33am

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