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Individual Makeup Lessons

$240 (120mins)

These lesson are a maximum of 2 hours, you leave with your preferred makeup
applied and an outline to follow for when your on your own. 
This is a step by step, personnel makeup lesson with my secret tips and tricks
which helps makes it very easy for you to follow what I do and learn as much
as you can so you can do it on your own.

Mkaeup Lessons

Group/Class Makeup Session
$180 each girl (120-180mins)
This is a 2-3 hour class session.
The makeup class is usually a minimum of 3 to 6 Girls. 
This class is more affordable then The Individual Makeup lesson.
It is discounted because of the size Of the Class but works great for girls on
a budget and if You would like to involve Your girlfriends as well.
Its also Great for Makeup Parties. We first begin with the basics of all the
makeup products And what they are used for and why. 
Then we start the Step by step hands on teaching of how to apply your makeup.
You leave with your makeup done and a outline to follow for when your on
your own.

Deposits & Final Payments

Deposits are required to book lessons.

Final Payments are taken the day of and is accepted in Cash Or Check

Why Lessons ??

Makeup Lessons are extremely beneficial.
Not only are you learning proper makeup application but you will learn
what works best for your skin. Down to tone, texture and makeup products best fit for you.
Makeup Lessons also prevent product waste. Once you know the proper way to apply your makeup there will be no need for re-do's and extra touch ups.

You can choose to have individual makeup lessons (one on one) or
include your friends for a fun makeup class. Makeup classes are typically chosen for party's, bachelorette events or any excuse to have a makeup party.

Below are the details for each class...

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Makeup Lessons
Makeup Lessons
Makeup lessons with Florina the makeup artist located in Wheeling IL